Marriage Licenses

Obtaining a Marriage License & Marriage License Copies

Find out how to obtain a marriage license and copies.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age for marriage in Virginia is 16 years old for both parties. If either party is less than 18 years old, consent to the marriage must be given in person by the father, mother, or legal guardian of the minor. The parent or legal guardian must present their driver's license or comparable photo ID, and the minor must present a full-length birth certificate. Virginia law prohibits marriage by parties less than 16 years old except in certain circumstances. Please contact the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at (804) 520-9364 for further information.

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Find out how to get or replace a Social Security card by visiting the Social Security Administration website. You will be required to present a certified copy of the marriage license with the application for a new Social Security card.

Minister Authorization to Perform Marriages

The Circuit Court Clerk's office may authorize certain ministers to perform marriage ceremonies, provided that the minister meets the requirements of Section 20-23 of the amended 1950 Code of Virginia. Out-of-state ministers may be authorized for a one-time ceremony if they are a property owner in Colonial Heights.

Court Approval

If code requirements are not clearly met, the minister will need to obtain approval from the court. This will require that a petition and filing fee in the amount of $29 be submitted. The minister will also need to set a hearing with the court.

Authorization Process

Before visiting the Circuit Court Clerk's Office to request authorization, please contact the office at (804) 520-9364 to confirm the process to follow.