About the Department of Finance

The City of Colonial Heights Department of Finance provides a wide range of financial services to all city operations and manages the city’s financial assets with the utmost security and accuracy. The department maintains the highest level of customer service for citizens and intra-departmental contacts.


The Department of Finance is organizationally structured into eight operational categories:


All employees and operations within the Finance Department are managed and directed by the Director of Finance. Responsibilities of the Department of Finance include:
  • Collection and/or receipt of all City funds
  • Procuring all goods and services for city department
  • Processing accounts payable and payroll functions for all city programs and departments
  • Providing monthly and yearly financial statements
  • Administering the cash management and investment programs
  • Maintaining the records of the city’s fixed assets
  • Maintaining financial accounting records in an accurate and efficient manner
  • Assisting with the preparation of annual audit reports
  • Coordinating the sale of bonds for long-term financing as needed for capital projects