Business Incentives


The City of Colonial Heights promotes a can-do attitude with all kinds of businesses. A tailored incentives package can be developed for projects which significantly increase the tax base and/or employment opportunities for the City. Incentives can generate millions of dollars of additional retail sales to the City and can secure a vital business community for years to come.

Custom Incentive Programs

In 2009, the City created a real estate tax abatement to encourage the redevelopment of some of the city’s 20+ year old structures. To date, one major retailer has taken advantage of a custom incentive program that has allowed them to remodel with a $3.8 million renovation.

The City of Colonial Heights encourages sustainability. View Ordinance No. 09-22 for details. To discuss your company’s specific needs, please contact the Economic Development Department and we can explain how your proposal can be hand-carried for a policy decision.

Other City Incentives

The following incentives can be negotiated for development projects in the City Colonial Heights:
  • Waiver of permit fees----100% or partial
  • Building permit, mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Zoning, Plan of Development Review, Subdivision fees, Erosion and Sediment
  • Control, Right-of-Way Disturbance, Land Disturbance
  • Creation of special taxing districts, such as TIFs, MMDs, or PIDs
  • Waiver or Refund of Water and Sewer Connection Charges—100% or portion
  • Water and/or Sewer Line Tapping and Meter Setting Services or City brings
  • Water and/or Sewer to the right-of-way
  • Cap on Business License Taxes for a fixed period---refund any amount over base amount for 5 years

Commonwealth's Development Opportunity Fund and Other State Incentives

For printable guidelines, instructions, and applications of available state incentives, visit VirginiaAlly or Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Some programs are:
  • Commonwealth’s Development Opportunity Fund (COF)
  • Virginia Investment Partnership Act
  • The Virginia Economic Development Incentive Grant (VEDIG)
  • Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP)
  • Economic Development Access Program
  • Rail Industrial Access Program
  • Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund
  • Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)