Utility Billing


About Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Division is supervised by the Director of Finance and responsible for the following areas: 

  • Customer account service and billing for water, sewage, stormwater fees and refuse collection
  • Water meter readings
  • Sale of exclusion meters

Water Service Connections

Should any person desire to have the water service in their name, they must fill out an application for service in their name in the Utility Billing Office.  

If such person is renting, a deposit for this service is required and must be paid to the Billing and Collections Office at the time the application is completed (the rental agreement may be required to verify information provided on utility service application). Any prior outstanding utility bills for any of the renters must be satisfied before the utility connection is made.
 Deposits Required for Water, Sewer, and Refuse Service:
 Residential Rental $150.00
 Commercial Rental $150.00
 Owners of Either  None

Water service will be turned on to the dwelling at the customer’s request on Tuesday or Thursday by appointment only, after a minimum of 24-hour advance notice has been given.

A connection fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be charge for this service and will be billed on the first utility bill.

Water Service Disconnections

NOTE:   Anyone contacting the City to restore service after 3:30pm will be serviced the following day during regular business hours after payment is received.  Regular business hours are M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm. Service will be disconnected for non-payment.  For any questions, contact the City’s Utility Billing Department at 520-9288. 

Should any person desire to have the water cut off permanently, they shall request same through the Utility Billing Office.

The water service will be discontinued on Tuesday or Thursday, after a minimum 24-hour advance notice has been given, and a final bill will be rendered at the end of the month.

At such time, the customer’s deposit, if applicable, will be deducted from the total water, sewer and refuse and other charges, and the balance will be due and payable upon receipt of the final bill be the customer.

Should any customer desire to have the water service disconnected for his own convenience (temporary), they shall request same through the Utility Billing Office.

Water service shall be disconnected and reconnected at the customer’s request, and a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged for this service, which will be billed on the next regular utility bill.

Rate Information, Billing Dates, and Delinquencies

In the annual budget process, City Council passes the rates for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 thru June 30). The Water and Sewer Fund is designed to operate on a break-even basis, although there may be a gain or loss in any particular year due to weather conditions or other factors.

The City is divided into two cycles that are billed on alternating months. The meter readers attempt to read meters each cycle, however, sometimes they are unable to read them because of weather conditions or if meters are inaccessible. 

Bills are dated the last day of the month. Bills are mailed on or before the last workday of the month, and are due the 25th of the following month. Bills paid after the 25th of the following month will be assessed an eight percent (8%) penalty.

Delinquent bills are mailed on the 26th day of the month and accounts are given seven (7) days to pay before the water is cut off for non-payment.

An administrative fee of Fifty dollars ($50.00) is charged to accounts on the cut off list.  Services will be restored once payment is made, however payments after 3:30pm will be reconnected the following business day during regular business hours. (8:30am-5:00pm)

Current Utility Rates

Visit the Tax and Utility Rates webpage to view the current utility rates.

Refuse and Recycling Billing

The City shall provide refuse and recycling collection services to all citizens, residents and commercial establishments located within the corporate limits of the City.

For the collection and disposal of garbage and refuse once a week, and recycling collection once a week from each single-family unit, duplex unit and apartment there shall be a bi-monthly charge of $28.28; and there shall be an additional monthly charge of $2.10 for each additional can per pickup at each such residence and commercial establishment.