Police Records

Records Specialists

Two full-time Records Specialists are responsible for maintaining all police information. Records Specialists process all police and animal control reports, traffic and criminal summonses, parking tickets, alarm citations, vehicle crash reports, property receipts, and pawn records. Closed investigative case files are archived and purged as necessary. Each year, our records specialists process in excess of 20,000 documents.

Police records are tightly controlled by local ordinances and state and federal laws. Records Specialists maintain files in a manner compliant with applicable laws and regulations.


Through technology improvements, Records Specialists are now able to reduce the amount of paperwork stored. In the past, the records office was lined with file cabinets containing tens-of-thousands of documents. Today, records are scanned into an optical high-speed scanner. Records are maintained on space-saving data disks that require minimal storage space. Scanned records are easily retrieved and printed as needed.


The Law Enforcement Services Division Commander processes all Freedom of Information Act requests and supervises the daily activities of the department’s records specialists.