Mission Statement

SheriffBadgeThe Mission of the Colonial Heights Sheriff's Office is to ensure safety and security in and around the Colonial Heights Courthouse and to discharge all official business of the Sheriff in a non-prejudicial, professional and courteous manner.

Goals and Objectives

All personnel serving the Colonial Heights Sheriff’s Office shall:

  1. Be committed to excellence in service through teamwork and community involvement in order to promote a safe environment for the citizens of Colonial Heights while conducting business within the courthouse.
  2. Understand that service is the primary purpose of our profession.
  3. Exhibit a compassionate and responsive attitude toward the community and express a genuine desire to satisfy the needs of the citizens of Colonial Heights.
  4. Provide impartial, competent and courteous service to the public without regard to race, creed, or gender.
  5. Treat all people with courtesy and respect, while reflecting the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.
  6. Promote professional conduct that is responsive and sensitive to the needs of the community.
  7. Provide fair and impartial treatment to all people demonstrating compassion, concern, and understanding of the personal situations of all individuals we encounter on a daily basis.
  8. Work as a united team committed to innovation and excellence in order to better meet the needs of the community.
  9. Provide assistance to all local, state, and federal agencies in the repression of crime and the apprehension and fair prosecution of criminal offenders. 
  10. Stress that it is the responsibility of all personnel to be accountable to the Sheriff’s Office and the community for his or her actions.