Kids' Achieving Progress Afterschool Program (KAP) is a referral-based, free program serving 4th-8th grade students residing in Colonial Heights. KAP is held at Tussing, North, and Lakeview Elementary Schools on Monday through Thursday from 3:05 pm to 5:30 pm.The program is active from September to May (except when school is not in session). Transportation is provided to participants only on days they participate in special activities. The program schedule consists of: Physical Fitness/Team Building, Reading, Homework, Study Time, STEM, Special Programs and activities.

Enrollment Information & Forms

Referrals are made for students needing academic improvement, social skill enhancement, positive behavior promotion, and increased physical activity.  Students can be referred by teachers, parents, or any person interested in the well-being of the student.The following forms are required to be filled out and submitted for enrollment: 

KAP Tussing

Tutoring Information

Tutoring assistance is provided by area high school and college students. Tutoring sessions promote and improve study skills, social skill enhancement, positive behavior, academic performance and a healthy lifestyle.


K.A.P. offers a wide range of interesting activities, arts and crafts, science experiments, and field trips of special interest.

"Kids' Achieving Progress" - K.A.P. Motto

This motto places the focus on the Kids’ Afterschool Program participants. “Kids’ Achieving Progress” means the participants will not become complacent. Instead, they will continue to make steps toward achieving their future success. The motto allows kids to remember the goals of the K.A.P. program and enables them to understand that success is always within reach.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers are needed for the Kids’ Achieving Progress Afterschool Program. If you are interested in making a difference in a child’s life, you might consider becoming a volunteer mentor/tutor for the K.A.P. Program. Benefits include a flexible schedule, possible class credit, resume' building, and fulfillment of club requirements!

For more information on the Kids’ Achieving Progress Afterschool Program please contact: 
Becca Lynch,Youth Program Coordinator
Office Phone: (804) 520-9286 
Fax: (804) 524-8761