Zoning & Other Permit Applications

Please note: Permits will be processed within 10 business days. 


Download applications for the following activities:

Preliminary Site Plan Review Checklist

Our Preliminary Site Plan Checklist is also available for download. An application also needs to be submitted at the link "Site Plan Review."  

General Instructions

Please completely fill out and submit the forms as may be appropriate for the activities noted above. Special attachments are identified along with required fees and other information.  For example if you wish to apply for a Site Plan review, fill out the Site Plan form and submit with the attachments noted, including fees.

What’s Not Included?

Building Permit Applications

Erosion & Sediment Control review agreement (Land Disturbance Permit)

Liability Indemnity Agreement

Owners/Contractors Agreement & Performance Bond with Surety



If you have any questions please contact the Planning Department at (804) 520-9297, Fax: (804) 524-8755