Public Education & Information

Public Education

Each year thousands of homes are destroyed by fire and hundreds of people are injured by falls. These type of emergencies are preventable. The department offers free public speaking and educational information to civic groups, churches, and the public. We can speak on several specialty topics to include fire prevention, injury prevention, preparing for a natural disaster, etc. We want our citizens to be informed and safe. If interested, please contact the fire department at (804) 520-9387 or e-mail us.

Home Inspections

We offer free home safety inspections. Do you have items in your house that could cause or contribute to a fire? Do you have objects that would prevent your escape or jeopardize the lives of firefighters? The department will be glad to come to your house and conduct a home safety inspection. We will provide information on things that you can do to help eliminate a chance of a fire. If you want a home safety inspection, please contact the fire department at (804) 520-9387 or e-mail us.

Water Safety

Hanging out at the pool or the river on a hot day is a great way to beat the heat. Most water-related accidents can be avoided by knowing how to stay safe and following a few simple guidelines. Learn how to swim and always swim with a partner. If you are not a good swimmer, do not go in water that is so deep you cannot touch the bottom. It is not a good idea to go swimming in the Appomattox River because of the rapid currents and obstacles near the bottom. If swimming in the river or creek, the department recommends that you wear a personal floatation device. Swimming in the Swift Creek Reservoir at Lakeview Park is prohibited.


A majority of the department's public safety handouts, coloring books, pencils, and kids' fire helmets are purchased through donations. Your donations help the department in so many ways; this is just one way you can help. If you would like to donate or help, please contact the fire department at (804) 520-9387 or e-mail us. Thank you for your donation.