About the Office of Economic Development

About the Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development serves as a single resource and point of contact for companies, site selection consultants, brokers, and corporate real estate executives interested in developing or locating sites within the city.


The office provides and performs the following services:
  • Identifying sites and buildings
  • Marketing opportunities for the City of Colonial Heights
  • Supplying critical site selection data and information to prospects and existing businesses
  • Connecting you with community officials, business leaders, brokers and vendors
  • Coordinating site plans and concepts with the other city departments
  • Supporting and growing existing business
  • Attracting new businesses that enhance and diversify the local economy

Regional Economy Benefits

Locating your business / office space or retail establishment in Colonial Heights offers a number of strategic advantages. The regional nature of our economy has drawn key retailers, site selection firms, brokers, developers and regional offices to the city, ensuring sales and business success. The city’s location as part of the Richmond-Petersburg MSA is ideally situated as a regional retail and business office center. At the crossroads of I-95, I-85, and Rt. 460, the city is very accessible for businesses, retailers and travelers alike.

One-on-One Attention

With the growth of competitive news, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, we find that one can still rely on communicating the old-fashioned way, face-to-face. We are a city in a region on the cusp of growth, but we still like to work with our regional partners, brokers, real estate managers, and developers one-on-one as our friends and neighbors.

Fort Lee

In the world of economic development statistics, the build-out of our region and expansion at nearby Fort Lee is the crème de la crème for the growth in the city. In late 2010, we were given a tour hosted by the BRAC Synchronization Office at Ft. Lee. After touring the post, we can now talk about the realness of the experience building out at our borders -- we know why this huge impact is real. We already can see the traffic coming down our roads and over our bridges. But what we really experienced on our tour was the construction projects, the new state of the art training facilities, and the new housing and barracks. We saw the dollars spent on post and relish the ones that trickle off post. Most notable were the state of the art classroom facilities. These are not buildings of yesteryear but high tech, modern structures.