Property Maintenance - Tenant

Tenants may fill out a Property Maintenance Compliant Form if they are experiencing a property maintenance issue:

  • that is considered by Virginia State Building Code an immediate and imminent threat to the health or safety;
  • have reported the problem to the property owner; and
  • the property maintenance issue has not been adequately resolved within a reasonable time frame.

Examples of property maintenance issues that might be considered an immediate and imminent threat to health and safety include faulty electrical, water leaks, and non-functioning HVAC. 

Please note, mold itself is not considered an immediate and imminent threat to health or safety by the 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code. However, the source of mold may be cited if it is deemed a property maintenance issue by Virginia State Building Code such as a leaking roof and leaking pipes. 

Property Maintenance Compliant Forms are available in the Planning & Building Inspections Office and online. Once the form is completely filled out and submitted, a Building Inspector will schedule an appointment with you to meet on-site. 

If the Building Inspector determines the complaint meets 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code definition of an immediate and imminent threat to health and safety, then the property owner will be mailed a certified letter requesting repairs to be completed. The time frame for repairs and remediation is generally 30 days upon receipt of the letter or within the time frame determined by the authority having jurisdiction. 

If you have any questions in regards to the Property Maintenance Complaint Form, please contact Planning & Building Inspections at (804) 520 - 9297. 


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