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Planning & Community Development

  1. Boundary Line Adjustment / Lot Line Vacation Application

    Draft plats are to be submitted on a minimum 18"x24" sheets along with the fee in the amount of $75.00 per line directly to the... More…

  2. Certificate of Appropriateness Application
  3. City Cleanout Permit Application
  4. Fence Permit Application
  5. Mechanical Permit Application
  6. Permanent Sign Permit Application
  7. Preliminary Site Plan Review Application
  8. Private Farmers Market Permit Application
  9. Rezoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
  10. Special Exception Permit Application
  11. Temporary Sign Permit Application
  12. Zoning Verification Letter
  1. Building Permit Application
  2. Certificate of Appropriateness for Projects in a Historic District Application
  3. Electrical Permit Application
  4. Home Occupation Zoning Permit Application

    Home Occupation Zoning Ordinance:

  5. Mobile Food Unit Permit Application
  6. Plumbing Permit Application
  7. Preliminary Subdivision Plat Application
  8. Request for Relief from the Zoning Board of Appeals Application
  9. Short-term rental permit
  10. Special Use Permit Application
  11. Zoning Permit Application

Public Safety Forms

  1. Alarm Permit Application
  1. E911 Marcus Alert Voluntary Database Form - City of Colonial Heights

    In accordance with Virginia Law, the City of Colonial Heights provides this form allowing citizens to submit information into a... More…