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Electrical Permit Application

  1. Address, Apt/Suite # (Optional), City, State, Zip Code
  2. Address, Apt/Suite # (Optional), City, State, Zip Code
  3. If owner is performing the work, put owner as contractor.
  4. Statement
  5. Materials and Labor. (Contract price if commercial)
  6. If the estimated cost is greater than $25,000, the contractor will also need to apply for a business license with the City of Colonial Heights.
  7. (if electrical release)
  8. Please list specified work for this trade.
  9. Submit: When submitting plans/specifications, please select one of the following options.
  10. If submitting more than one document, please email all documents to

  11. Payment
    Checks may be mailed in or dropped off, and made out to the City of Colonial Heights. For credit payments, we will send you a link upon approval of permit application. Please call 804-520-9297 with any questions.
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