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Home Occupation Zoning Permit Application

  2. Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
  3. Please provide a first name and last name.
  4. Please write a brief description describing the nature of your business.
  6. Provide all locations on the property and approximate square footage (family room, basement, attic, bedroom, garage, etc.) Ex. 10 x 10 bedroom and 15 x 20 basement
  7. Will the primary structure be altered in any form to accommodate the home occupation? *
    If yes is checked, please provide a brief description below.
  8. Will any vehicles associated with the business be parked at the property?*
    If yes is checked, please provide a description that includes the number and type of vehicles.
  9. Please indicate the street or the property. If it is the property, provide a specific location.
  10. Will any goods, products, equipment or other materials be stored outside? *
  11. Are any goods, products, equipment or materials toxic, explosive, flammable, radioactive or otherwise hazardous?*
  12. Will the business cause any noise or vibrations past the property line?*
  13. Will the business cause any glares, fumes, odors or electrical interference past the property line?*
  14. Will the home occupation have an increase on average usage of water, sewer or garbage collection? *
  16. Are there any employees on site? *

    No one other than permanent residents of the dwelling shall be engaged or employed in such home occupation, at the residential location. §286-404.12 (10)

  17. Will transactions with customers take place at the property?*
    If yes is checked, please indicate the number of transactions per week.
  18. Ex. 9 AM-5 PM Tuesday-Saturday
  19. Please indicate street, property, or both.
  21. This includes but is not limited to: newspapers, phonebooks, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Search, websites, etc. Please write N/A if there is no advertising.
  22. Will there be any advertising of the business in the future?*
  23. Will a sign be posted at the property to advertise the business? *
  24. Ex. front yard, 1 square foot, on house
  25. Statement
  26. Please email additional documentation to to include with your submission if needed.
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