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Mobile Food Unit

  1. Application Requirements

    For this application to be completed and submitted, the applicant must attach a site plan.

    The site plan shall show the following:

    (1) Show setback line that is 100' from residential property, if applicable.

    (2) Location of all proposed Mobile Food Units.

    (3) Location of trash receptacles.

  2. Application is not complete without a submitted site plan.

  3. Please provide the address or parcel ID of the proposed location to host mobile food units.

  4. If applicable, include the applicant's business or organization that will be hosting the Mobile Food Units.

  5. Mobile Food Units can be hosted up to three consecutive days.

  6. What will be the maximum number of Mobile Food Units onsite?

  7. Regulations*

    Please check that you have read, understand, and agree to the following requirements, as stipulated by City Code.

  8. Certification

    I, the applicant, certify that all of the information furnished in this application is correct and meets the intent of the Mobile Food Unit Code.

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