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Private Farmers Market Permit Application

  1. Private Farmers Market Application
  2. Application Requirements

    For this application to be completed and submitted, the following attachments are required:

    (1) Market Plan & Parking

    (2) Property Owner Agreement

  5. If applicant is Market Manager, this section may be skipped.
  7. Name of the business or organization that occupies the site.
  9. Minimum Number of Vendors = 5

    Maximum Number of Vendors = 30

    The majority of vendors (51%) must sell agricultural products as the primary product.

  10. Product Category Key
    Agricultural = meat, produce, dairy, eggs, honey, flowers, plants, etc.
    Value Added = jams, beeswax candles, etc.
    Handmade Food = baked goods, etc.
    Handcrafted = artisan crafts
  11. Describe method of collecting and removing trash from site.
  12. Market Plan Requirements

    The proposed layout of the farmers market must show the following: 

    • Booth locations
    • Signage
    • Access for vendors and patrons,
    • Trash collection locations,
    • Adequate safety measures to separate market patrons from vehicular traffic.
    • On-site parking for each group: 
      • vendors
      • farmers market customers
      •  customers of business on-site if open during the farmers market.
  13. The parking spaces dedicated to the (1) on-site business; (2) site of Farmers Market; (3) Farmers Market vendors; and (4) Farmers Market customers will equal the above number.
  14. Will the on-site business be open during the operation of the Farmers Market?
  15. Please attach the agreement between the Property Owner and the Market Manager.

  16. Certification

    I, the applicant, certify that all of the information furnished in this application is correct and meets the intent of the Interim Private Farmers Market Code.

  17. By printing your name here you are signing the application.

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