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Rezoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

  1. Rezoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

    Please respond in full to those questions that pertain to the particular map, text or both map and text amendment(s) that are being requested. An application is complete when the fee and all requested information is received. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The deadline for an application is the first Tuesday of the month. 

    Please put N/A for a question that is not related to the request. 

  2. Amendment Type*

    Please check the type of amendment. 

  3. Applicant Information
  4. Street Address, City, State, Zip Code

  5. Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address and Email Address 

  6. Name. Phone Number, Mailing Address and Email Address 

  7. Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address and Email Address

  8. Correspondence *

    Please check who should receive correspondence in addition to the Contact. 

  9. Map Plan Amendment
  10. Parcel Number and/or Tax Map Designation

  11. Street Address, City, State, Zip Code

  12. Attachments*

    Check all applicable below:

  13. Adjacent Property Owners

    All adjacent property owners shall be listed. Adjacent property owners include all property across from roadways, watercourses, railroads, and/or municipal boundaries. The names and addresses below are those of adjacent property owners as listed in the tax records of the City Assessor and County Assessor if applicable.

  14. Supplemental Questions
  15. Please copy and paste the original text to be amended, along with page numbers. 

  16. Conditional Zoning Application
  17. Approval

    The City Clerk on behalf of the City Council will send a letter to the applicant, with the approved ordinance including all proffers approved with the rezoning. Upon consideration of the proposed rezoning, the City Council shall consider the following factors and shall concur therein before acceptance of any of the additional conditions proffered.

  18. (list all items)
  19. Statement
    With the signing of this form, the property owner certifies that no cash contribution to the City has been solicited or offered as part of the proffer; as has no mandatory dedication of real or personal property, on- or off-site, for open space, parks, schools, fire departments or other public facilities.
  20. Attachments

    If additional attachments needs to be sent, please send them to

  21. Correspondence

    For questions, please call (804) 520-9297

    Please mail paper correspondence to: 

    Planning &  Community Development

    201 James Avenue

    Colonial Heights, VA 23834

    Please make checks payable to The City of Colonial Heights. 

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