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Zoning Permit Application

  1. Instructions
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    • The zoning application fee is $50 which is paid for when the application is approved. 
    • The application will be reviewed within 7-10 business days.  


    Pursuant to § 286-606.A. of the City Code, a zoning permit is required for the erection, construction, reconstruction, moving, adding to, or alteration of any structure, or the establishment of any land use. Effective immediately and pursuant to § 286-606.D. of the City Code, zoning permit applications for such work on single-family and duplex dwellings, including fence permits, and any work exempt from submitting a site plan for approval per City Code Section 286-326.46, is required to include the submission of a recent survey/plat drawn to scale identifying the following information: 

    1)  The property for which a permit is requested 

    2) The dimensions of the proposed improvement drawn to scale

    3) The distances between the proposed improvement to each property line and/or adjacent structure.

    All zoning permits issued shall be valid for a period of six months unless the structure, use, or activity for which the permit was issued has commenced

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