Fire & EMS

About the Fire & EMS Department

The City of Colonial Heights Fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Department provides fire suppression and prevention services and promotes fire safety and related services. The department also provides emergency medical and rescue services for residents, workers, and visitors to the city.

Fireworks Firetruck

History of the Department

The Fire and EMS Department (CHFD) has a long and storied history in Colonial Heights. Initially created to only provide basic fire suppression / prevention services, the department has evolved into a high-functioning, multi-faceted safety service operation providing a myriad of safety services. In fact, more than 70% of the total incident responses made by the CHFD each year are for emergency medical services.

Integrated Operations

CHFD is the only such agency in the tri-city area that incorporates a system fully integrating Fire and EMS operations into one cohesive organization. All other neighboring jurisdictions have a separate EMS agency that is supported by their Fire Department only as necessary.


The CHFD provides around-the-clock safety services for the city and is staffed by three platoons that work 24 hours each shift. During each shift, three fire units and three ambulances are cross-staffed by the same personnel. When available and / or as needed, career staff is supplemented by volunteer membership in both operational and administrative roles.


The CHFD supports a training division, Fire Marshal’s Office, and general administrative services. CHFD also supervises the Communications Department and Emergency Management Department.