Youth & Human Services

About the Office on Youth and Human Services

The City of Colonial Heights Office on Youth and Human Services serves the general citizenry by working to develop and improve the community assets that assist families in raising children who are responsible, law-abiding, and self-reliant. The office identifies the needs of youth and their families and is a referral agency to appropriate services.


The Office on Youth, guided by the City Council-appointed Youth Services Commission, focuses on partnering with the schools, civic groups, 12th District Court Services Unit, Health Department, Social Services, mental health providers, and other city departments to create opportunities for enhancing services for our youth and families.

Boards, Coalitions and Teams

The Office on Youth is also active in providing leadership for boards, coalitions, teams, and task forces that address youth issues to increase and improve community resources. The CADRE Coalition, our local community substance-abuse prevention coalition, works with the youth to provide leadership and recreational alternatives. The Kid’s Achieving Progress Afterschool Program (KAP) serves the city’s youth in fourth-sixth grades with afterschool tutoring and skill building.