Zoning Information


The City of Colonial Heights adopted a new zoning ordinance effective August 10, 2011. There are six (6) major text Articles:

   I. General Provisions 
  II. Definitions and Use Types
 III. District Regulations
IV. Use and Design Standards
 V. Development Standards
VI. Administration

There are regulations for residential, commercial and office development. Additionally, regulations for, wetlands, flood damage prevention, architectural and historical districts are contained within the zoning ordinance. Steps required to submit a site plan for development in the City are also included along with sign regulations, landscaping and off-street parking requirements.

Zoning Administrator

The Director of Planning and Community Development serves as the zoning administrator and provides information and interpretation of the City's zoning ordinance and zoning map for citizens, developers and city, state and federal agency officials. Any questions or complaints related to the permitted use of property, setbacks for building construction or additions, or other aspects of the zoning ordinance may be directed to (804) 520-9275.

Zoning Ordinance

For the entire text of the ordinance and associated maps please see links below: