Trash Collection


Curbside Service

Weekly curbside trash collection is available in the City of Colonial Heights through a public/private contract with the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority. Trash is collected once a week on Wednesdays. When a holiday is observed on Wednesday, trash collection will be delayed one day. For delays in service, the City will attempt to post updates and notices to the City's Website in the News section, and on the City's facebook page. 

New Trash Service Begins in July! 

New Trash Bins - Grey and Black

The City and CVWMA are pleased to announce WM (Waste Management) as the new residential trash provider beginning in July. 

One new trash cart per home will be delivered between June 20 and 29. If you have more than one cart now, a maximum of two will be delivered. If you need more than two carts, there will be a fee. 

Try out this new size before ordering an extra one! This cart is larger than the existing carts and will hold 40% more trash. 

The first collection under Waste Management will take place Thursday, July 7, 2022.

What do I do with the old cart(s)?

Trash.jpgThe final trash collection with maroon and orange carts will be June 29, 2022.

Following this collection, leave your old cart(s) at the curb until it is removed. If not removed by July 8, please contact CVWMA at 804-340-0900. 

Beginning in July, trash will NOT be collected from the maroon and orange carts or any other container, except the CVWMA gray and black cart. 

Changes to bulky waste collection

Beginning July 1, ALL requests for bulky waste collection must be scheduled in advance. Requests made by Tuesday at 2 p.m. will be fulfilled the next day.

Bulky waste is anything that doesn’t fit in the trash cart: furniture, appliances, bagged leaves and yard waste, and extra bags of trash.  

Schedule bulky waste collection at or by calling 804-340-0900.

Free Bulky Waste Collection is limited to what can fit in the bed of a full-size pickup truck. 

Loads larger than that will be considered Special Bulky Waste and cost $125 to remove.

Trash day will remain on Wednesday. However, the first collection under Waste Management will take place Thursday, July 7, due to the Fourth of July holiday.

There will be no changes to recycling collections.

Changes to Utility Bill:

  • Effective July 1, 2022, the monthly charge for recycling collection and garbage collection (of a single cart) will increase from $14.14 per month to $18.50 per month.  The rate the City was previously being charged for garbage collection service had not increased for a number of years, and was very low compared to competitively bid rates. Changes to the existing collection service will include a larger garbage cart (95 gallon capacity) versus the existing cart (68 gallon capacity).

  • There will be no monthly fee for collection of a second garbage cart.

  • An additional charge of $3 per cart per month will apply for collection of each garbage cart above 2.

  • New garbage carts are being delivered between June 20th through June 29th. Please continue using your existing garbage cart(s) the week of June 27th in order that Meridian Waste can collect your trash and remove your existing garbage cart(s).  

  • Two carts are to be delivered to residences/businesses that are being charged for having two carts as of June 30; a fee will apply to purchase additional carts above 2 if needed at these locations.  For locations that are not being charged for having two carts, one garbage cart will be delivered.  An additional fee will apply to purchase additional carts above the one cart, if needed. 

For more information regarding purchasing additional garbage carts, please visit or call (804)340-0900 for assistance.