Circuit Court

NOTICE: Guidelines for the Collection of Unpaid Fines and Costs and the Suspension of Driving Privileges

About the Circuit Court Clerk of Circuit Court

The Colonial Heights Clerk of Circuit Court is an elected city official responsible for the overall administration of the Colonial Heights Circuit Court. The Circuit Court Clerk is elected to an eight-year term by the voters and is specifically charged with more than 800 statutory responsibilities, many of which extend beyond judicial-related business to non-judicial and fiscal activities.

Administrative Support

As it relates to criminal cases, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office provides the Circuit Court with general administrative support, including the recording of all proceedings, administration of case records, and coordination of case scheduling and other activities with prosecutors and law enforcement.

Judicial Support

The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office also provides overall judicial support by managing juries, maintaining and disposing of evidence, issuing arrest and legal documents, collecting fines, and serving as repository for the court’s records. The Circuit Court Clerk's archive dates back to 1961, when the City of Colonial Heights was annexed from the County of Chesterfield.

Non-Judicial Responsibilities

On the non-judicial side, the Circuit Court Clerk serves as the probate judge in admitting or denying wills to probate and in qualifying executors, administrators, guardians, and / or conservators. The Circuit Court Clerk also serves as the city’s register of deeds and is responsible for recording all deeds, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, and real estate liens and releases.

Transactions & Recordings

Other transactions and recordings processed by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office include: