Who do I contact about a sidewalk that is broken?

Please submit an online service request or call (804) 520-9372 during normal business hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The City is responsible for repairing sidewalks, curbs and gutters located in the public right of way. After receiving a report of damage, a supervisor will inspect the area and place the damaged location on a priority schedule. Due to limited funding, we are only able to repair a limited number of sites every year. Repairs are prioritized by a number of important factors, including the extent of damage and the site's proximity to schools, churches, and other public buildings. Of course, especially hazardous sites are repaired immediately. If you would like to know where your request is on the schedule, please call the number listed above. If you believe the damage is due to a City owned tree, please be sure to notify us. If tree roots are causing the damage, the City's Tree Inspector will first assess the situation to determine a course of action (root pruning, removal, etc.). Because the City takes great pride in its trees, the tree in question will not be automatically removed. Each situation must be evaluated individually to determine the best approach.

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