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Animal Shelter Donations

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  2. Colonial Heights Animal Shelter

    The City of Colonial Heights Animal Shelter has received a generous donation of $100,000 from a local resident to support a much-needed upgrade to our facility that provides humane care for animals in need. To maximize the benefit of this donation and enhance the overall project, the City Council has committed matching funds of $100,000 which, when combined with an additional donation of $25,000 from the Petersburg SPCA, will allow for a major renovation project later this year.

  3. Unfortunately, this funding will still not address all that we would like to do for our four-legged friends and there is room for even more improvements at our facility, which has not had a building upgrade in over 20 years. To show your support for the quality care of Colonial Heights animals, your donations would help make this an even bigger and better project. Please consider helping us give these animals in need the best possible care while at our facility. Consider donating to the Animal Shelter Improvement Project today!

  4. All donations are tax deductible.

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