Neighborhood Leaf Removal Service

Neighborhood Leaf Removal Service Fall 2021/Winter 2022

Convenient Service during Fall Season

The City of Colonial Heights Department of Public Works is pleased to announce that convenient leaf removal services will be provided in city neighborhoods again this year. Each fall, residents collect and stockpile loose leaves along city streets, which city crews remove and make available to local recycling businesses. During the 2020/21 season, city crews collected approximately 2,500 cubic yards of leaves.

Year Round Service Option

Bagged leaves are collected year round and may be placed at the curbside on regLeaf Image Opens in new windowular trash collection days. The limit per collection day is 30 bags, each weighing no more than 50 pounds.

Neighborhood Service Areas

This year leaf removal operations will occur in three main service areas, each consisting of three to four neighborhoods. Signs will be installed on adjacent thoroughfares to let residents know in advance when service is scheduled in their area. Please note that the time for service in each area is subject to change depending on inclement weather conditions and other events beyond the City’s control.

Scheduled Time of Service

Leaves will be collected and removed during the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, beginning November 15, 2021 and ending February 14, 2022 except on holidays.

Preparing Leaves for City Collection

Residents are asked to place leaves along street frontages and roadsides one week before service is scheduled to begin in their neighborhood, as only one (1) pass will be made on each street during the scheduled collection service for the area. No leaves will be removed except during regularly scheduled times. Leaves that are not placed before regularly scheduled removal times will be removed during the next regularly scheduled service in the area. City crews cannot remove leaves from private property.

Avoid Mixing Leaves with Other Debris

Residents are asked to keep leaf piles free of tree branches, lumber, steel, rock, concrete or other debris. Hard objects mixed with leaves are hazardous and may damage leaf vacuum equipment causing unnecessary time and expense to repair or replace.

Neighborhood Parking During Leaf Removal Service

Residents can assist city leaf removal operations by keeping parked vehicles clear of leaf piles. The use of offstreet parking is encouraged wherever available. “No Parking” signs may be used to restrict parking on neighborhood streets while city crews remove leaf piles. To avoid damaging personal property, city crews will not rake leaf piles out from under or between parked cars.

More Information

Residents may contact the Public Works Department at 520-9372 for more information about this convenient neighborhood service.

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