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City Cleanout Permit Application

  1. Request for a City Clean Out
    This application is for the installation of a sewer cleanout. Sewer cleanouts refer to a vertical standpipe configured onto a sanitary sewer lateral (lateral: sewer pipe coming from house or building to sewer main). Clean outs are used to inspect and clean out sewer laterals when they become stopped up. If a residence or business does not have a sewer clean out at the property line which is usually in the same vicinity as the water meter then it is considered that the property owner owns the sewer lateral from the building to the main and is solely responsible for its flow and maintenance. If there is an approved clean out at the property line then the City will Claim ownership of the sewer lateral from the clean out at the property line to the sewer main and be responsible for maintenance and repairs.
  2. Address, Apt/Suite # (Optional), City, State, Zip Code
  3. Address, Apt/Suite # (Optional), City, State, Zip Code
  4. City Cleanout Installation
    The City Utilities Department will install a clean out on single family residential dwellings at the property line for a one time fee of $200.00. It usually takes about 3 to 14 working days for the cleanout to be installed. You may pay online or in office at 201 James Ave. Please call 804-520-9297 with any questions.
  5. Is this an emergency?
    If this is an emergency we will prioritize this cleanout and have it installed within 48 hours.
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