Hire an Off-Duty Officer

To request an extra duty detail, please complete the online request form using the link below. If the detail is recurring or is multiple days, please document that information in the comments section. An EDS Account Manager will contact you for clarification if needed.


Call EDS at 804-207-3438 or email ColonialHeightsVA@ExtraDutySolutions.com with any questions.

EDS will handle all invoicing. Payment information will accompany all invoices.

Rates are inclusive of all fees:

Officer - $45.00 per hour

Supervisor (SGT or Above) - $50.63 per hour 

If more than three (3) officers are requested for the job, the fourth officer must be a supervisor. 

There is a three (3) hour minimum for each Officer scheduled

Twenty Four (24) hours notice is required for all cancellations unless its an outdoor event then six (6) hours notice is required. Failure to cancel with proper notice will result in a three (3) hour minimum charged for each Officer scheduled.

Extra duty details are filled on a voluntary basis and the potential for unfilled requests exist.

We look forward to working with you and handling your extra duty needs!

Phone – 804-207-3438

Email - ColonialHeightsVA@ExtraDutySolutions.com