Comprehensive Plan

Overview of Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is required by state law to provide a framework to guide local leaders in decisions affecting community development within a jurisdiction’s boundaries.

The plan is intended to be a guide for both public and private decision-makers regarding the future of the City of Colonial Heights. The plan includes a variety of issues and subject matters, including an overall vision for the City’s future, and how that could be carried out. Specific sections on land use, transportation, public facilities, recreation & parks, housing/neighborhoods, economic development and natural resources are included in the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Colonial Heights provides a basis for decision making by the City Council and Planning Commission, as well as the City Manager and his administration, in daily operations. The City Council recently adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in July 2021. 

Colonial Heights Comprehensive Plan

Hard copies are available for review at the Library, the Senior Center and the City Hall Welcome Desk.

Use the link below to view the most current plan.
Comprehensive Plan

Citizen Survey Results

As part of the recent Comprehensive Plan update, the City conducted a Citizen Survey. View results of the Citizen Survey here.