Private Farmers Market

Zoning Regulations
General Definition
Administrator - The Zoning Administrator of the City of Colonial Heights,Virginia, or an authorized agent thereof.

Definition and Use Type
Commercial use type:
Private Farmers Market - The open air sale of agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, mushrooms, flowers, potted or bedding plants, honey, meat, dairy or eggs directly to the public by a group of farmers or producers that occurs on a regular basis (once per week or for a minimum of twenty (20) weeks in a calendar year) on privately owned land. Handcrafted products (such as wooden furniture, textiles) or value added products (such as jam, beeswax candles) or other handmade food products (such as baked goods) may be sold, but sellers of these goods may not comprise the majority of the vendors. Flea markets, yard sales and auctions are not "Private Farmers Markets." A wayside stand or an individual selling such items from a truck is not "Private Farmers Market."

District Regulations
Permitted uses:
The following zoning districts allow for the permitted commercial use type of a private farmers market:
(1) BB – Boulevard Business District
(2) GB – General Business District
(3) PUD – Planned Unit Developments

Use and Design Standards
Private Farmers Market
  1. One Private Farmers Market is allowed on a lot or parcel.
  2. Written permission is required from property owner(s) upon which the market is located.
  3. A Private Farmers Market must be at least one-half (½) mile from any other Private Farmers Market, regardless of days of operation.
  4. A Private Farmers Market must have a minimum of five (5) vendors present as averaged over the season the market is in operation.
  5. Market size is limited to no more than twenty (20) vendors on-site at any one time.
  6. Special events at a Private Farmers Market are allowed, subject to obtaining any required event permits. The number and type of special events must be specified in the market plan and include provisions to address public safety.
  7. All vendors at the market must display the name(s) of the producer(s) and the location(s) where goods were grown, raised or produced.
  8. The market vendors must comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulations.
  9. Allowed signage to advertise the market includes a temporary banner sign of no greater than thirty-two (32) square feet in area that can be displayed on market days and the day before market days. The location of the banner and how the banner will be displayed shall be shown in the Market Plan. The banner must be on the parcel where the market is conducted and cannot be in the City right-of-way. The banner for the Private Farmers Market shall not be included as temporary signage allowed by the commercial uses on the same parcel.
  10. Market facilities are designed to be temporary in nature and use the existing parking and infrastructure of the site. 
  11. All Market materials shall be removed at the conclusion of the market day.
  12. A Market Plan shall be submitted to the Administrator for review and approval. The plan shall be updated in March of each calendar year or at any time during the year when a change in the vendor list occurs. The Market Plan shall include the following:
    1. Written permission from the property owner(s).
    2. The name and contact information for the Private Farmers Market contact person.
    3. The proposed layout of the Private Farmers Market, including, booth locations, signage, vendor parking, access for vendors and patrons, trash collection locations, and adequate safety measures to separate market patrons from vehicular traffic. Any parking intended to specifically serve the Private Farmers Market on market days must be shown on the Market Plan.
    4. A list of all vendors which includes vendor name and products sold.
    5. An assessment of the existing and required parking for the on-site commercial uses and the number of parking spaces unavailable during market operations. Private Farmers Markets may occupy required parking but shall not have such an impact as to create traffic safety or circulation problems or negatively impact the parking for existing commercial uses on the property.
    6. Hours and day of operation. These may be modified as needed with a two week written notice to the Administrator.
Interim Farmers Market Application