Personal Property Tax & City Decals

Personal Property Tax

All cities and counties in Virginia have a personal property tax. All vehicles normally garaged, stored, or parked in the City of Colonial Heights are subject to the City’s personal property tax, unless exempted by state law. Other items of personal property are listed on the Commissioner of the Revenue’s page

Virginia personal property tax is assessed by the Colonial Heights Commissioner of the Revenue. Any questions regarding the assessment of personal property shown on the tax bills should be directed to the Commissioner's office.  New residents need to register vehicles with the Commissioner of the Revenue upon moving into the City. 

Personal Property taxes are due on June 5 and December 5 of every year. If not paid by the due date, a penalty of 10% is added as specified in Virginia State Code. The Billing & Collections Office also collects interest at an annual rate of 10% until payment is made. 

City Decals

Effective March 14, 2018, the City of Colonial Heights no longer requires a city decal to be displayed on vehicles garaged in the City.  

Vehicle Registration Fees

All vehicles must be registered with the City each year.  A Vehicle Registration Fee, as allowed by Virginia Code § 46.2-752, is assessed based on the vehicle’s weight as follows:

Gross WeightPrice
4,000 AND UNDER$33.00
4,001 - 6,500$38.00
6,501 - 10,000$39.00
10,001 - 10,499$41.00
10,500 - 11,000$43.00
11,001 - 11,499$45.00
11,500 - 12,000$48.00
12,001 AND UP$50.00
OTHER TRAILERS 1,501 - 4,000$18.50