Billing & Collections

Billing & Collections Office

This office is responsible for the collection and/or receipt of all city funds, including but not limited to taxes, assessments, fees, and charges of any kind as determined by the City Council.

Monies Received / Collected

Some of the various city monies received and/or collected are:
  • Building permit fees
  • Business licenses
  • Charges for water, refuse, and sanitary sewer services
  • City decals
  • Dog and cat tags
  • Health Insurance payments
  • Library, Recreation, EMS, and Fare Care fees and charges
  • Parking and alarm citations
  • Real Estate, Personal Property, Food, and Lodging taxes
  • Rental inspection fees
  • School Fund monies
  • Any other revenue generated by the City

Collection of Taxes

Collection of taxes in support of the city is one of the a primary responsibilities of the Billing & Collections Office, and the discharge of this duty often involves a wide range of administrative activities, including the attachment of liens and other procedures prescribed by the laws of the city and the Commonwealth.